Reducing the Chance of Multiple Pregnancy with Single Embryo Transfer


One of the most common complications of IVF success is multiple pregnancies. At Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health, we offer single embryo transfer to help reduce the chances of multiple pregnancies. With this treatment, we create blastocyst embryos that are of good quality and have a good chance of success. We are able to freeze extra embryos as well for future use.

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The commonest complications of IVF success is multiple pregnancies. The majority of the embryos made during the IVF process are not capable of implantation. So in order to achieve acceptable pregnancy rate, typically more than one embryos are transferred into the uterus, and this can result into the multiple pregnancies. Multiple pregnancies have significant risk on the babies as well as to the mothers, and in order to reduce this risk, in certain situation, elective single embryo transfer should be considered. There are significant improvements made in the laboratory techniques, and so it is possible to make fewer, but good quality embryos called blastocyst embryos. Along with that, rectification has significantly improved the freezing, survival and implantation rate of excess embryos. Because of these two conditions, now women do not have to take the excess risk of multiple pregnancies, and they can consider elective single embryo transfer. Women who are young and who make multiple good quality embryos, as well as women considering donor egg in vitro fertilization should consider elective single embryo transfers. Women who have undergone pre-implantation genetic screening for aneuploidy screening, as well as for certain gene defects should also be a good candidate for elective single embryo transfers. Women with medical conditions and certain uterine malformations are also considered good candidates for the elective single embryo transfers. At Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health, the last 55 elective single embryo transfers patients have achieved 85% pregnancy rate.

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