Diagnosing Infertility with Fertility Awareness Screening


Dr. Mark Johnson describes the Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health program called Fertility Awareness Screening, a method of diagnosing infertility. This affordable screening test is a great option for patients who are beginning their fertility journey. Our reproductive specialists analyze both male and female patients in a couple to determine what complications may be contributing to infertility.

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A number of our patients in our practice do not have coverage for infertility, whether it be the testing or whether it'd be the treatment. Insurance companies break down the coverage between diagnostic testing and treatment. Many of our patients who have infertility coverage do have coverage for diagnostic testing, but they won't necessarily have coverage for the treatment. So our practice has developed a program to help introduce those patients into the infertility world, by developing a diagnostic testing program that's reasonably priced and allows for comprehensive screening for the different conditions. Our program is called Fertility Awareness Screening, and indeed it covers a semen analysis for the man, which allows him to understand his fertility potential. And it also covers a pelvic ultrasound to evaluate the anatomy of both the uterus and the ovaries in the woman, and it happens to be at the right time of her cycle and the early time of her menstrual cycle, and we can look at the ovaries and understand how many eggs are present within the ovaries and if there's any type of anatomic problems associated with her uterus that might interfere with her fertility potential. So, in the woman, we perform an ultrasound, but we also perform basic hormonal testing. We measure her follicle stimulating hormone or FSH. We measure her luteinizing hormone, or LH, as well as her estradiol. A final test within this package is the hysterosalpingogram. In the ultrasound evaluation we can see the ovaries and we can see the uterus, but we generally don't see the Fallopian tubes, and we certainly can't tell if they're open, patent or functional. So the hysterosalpingogram, abbreviated HSG, is a procedure where we can introduce contrasts, liquid contrasts into the uterus in a gentle fashion to allow it to go up and circulate through the tubes, and to test is there a blockage or are the tubes open and potentially better functioning. Our Fertility Awareness Screening is at discounted pricing that's competitively priced, that allows patients to be evaluated and understand if they do have potential problems that can be corrected through fertility medications and treatments. The Fertility Awareness Screening Program is specifically tailored not only to patients that are cash-pay without infertility benefits, but it's also meant to help their OB/GYN physicians or nurse practitioners, who are practicing infertility in their office, to allow them to enter into the world of infertility treatment. For patients who need additional treatment, they can come to Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health for more advanced treatments in improving their chance to have a healthy baby.

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