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Meet Dr. Mark Johnson

Our Reproductive Physician and Geneticist


Dr. Mark Johnson has more than two decades of experience in reproductive medicine and genetics. Dr. Johnson truly cares about his patients, and he has personally undergone fertility treatments. Dr. Johnson is a reproductive physician with the extensive experience that you deserve.

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At Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health my role is not just as a reproductive physician, but also as a geneticist, and I bring my background and interest in embryonic genetics and the genetics of human fertility into this practice. I have been practicing reproductive medicine for over 20 years. I first started in academic medicine on the faculty of both Stanford University's, UCLA, before my venture out into the private practice world. My initial training was as an obstetrician/gynecologist, and I practiced general OB/GYN for several years. I then was interested in an infertility treatment, as well as the reproductive biology of the human embryo process. After my initial experience as an obstetrician/gynecologist, I went into fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. There, while in my fellowship, I developed an interest in research and the genetics of embryo development. After my training at NIH, I went on to faculty appointments both at Stanford University Medical School as well as UCLA Harbor Medical Center. I decided to go into private practice primarily because I'm a people person and I enjoy the interaction with my patients. I want to help them have a baby and help them to build their family. I know that infertility is a difficult emotional struggle both for individuals as well as couples. My family has experienced the difficulties of infertility, and we've undergone infertility treatments in order to have two of our children. My wife and I have lived through the struggle of infertility, and we've experienced the frustrations and pain of the process, but we've also experienced the joy and happiness from being successful and having healthy children to build our family. My goal for all my patients is to combine my personal experience in my reproductive journey as well as my over two decades of professional experience in reproductive medicine and genetics and helping them to have a family.
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