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F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing

Many individuals have difficulty getting pregnant or want to learn about the current state of their fertility health to plan for the future.

We offer F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing, an online tool that allows anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, to quickly and efficiently order comprehensive fertility testing. 

Discover if Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health can help you on your journey to conceive...

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Why Consider
F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing?

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Covered by Most Health Plans

Fertility testing is often covered by health plans. Over the past few years, employers have become increasingly more competitive, and now offer fertility benefits to their employees. AZARH is comprehensively contracted, including our lab, with most health plans. Many people find that they have, at the very minimum, diagnostic (fertility testing) coverage with us.

credit card transactionWe Offer a Self-pay Option

We have made it our priority to offer F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing at an affordable, bundled rate to all individuals who do not have infertility health care benefits. At AZARH, we strongly believe that fertility testing and treatment should be accessible to all at a reasonable charge. We continue to maintain unparalleled success rates using advanced technology and treatment.

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No Need for Health Care Provider Referrals

Many people considering fertility testing assume that they need a referral from their health care provider to begin fertility testing but this is not the case. With F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing, there is no referral needed. All individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, can go online and order their own fertility testing. No more hassles, and no more waiting. It is quick, easy, and delivers results. Upon your request, we can also send your results to your chosen health care provider.


Why Delay Your Diagnosis?

Unfortunately, waiting on a referral from a health care provider may cause delays, leaving many couples to postpone fertility testing. This often results in ongoing stress and frustration as couples continue to try to conceive on their own, not knowing that infertility factors may be present. By completing our fertility work-up, we can advise people on their best path forward to create the family they long for.

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Get Results and Discover Your Options

We find that many individuals who undergo F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing need to pursue treatment with a specialist. By getting the testing you need, particularly at a younger age, you have an even greater chance at successfully conceiving a child. The aging process for women can impact their fertility, particularly after the age of 35, making it important to undergo testing as soon as possible. Why delay?

F.A.S.T Results

Take the online F.A.S.T Fertility Test!


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​Benefits of the F.A.S.T. Fertility Test 

Dr. Patel discusses the benefits of F.A.S.T., which allows hopeful parents to reach his practice directly and order fertility testing.

Reach out to Our Practice

Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health, located in Scottsdale and Gilbert, has a skilled and compassionate team committed to helping individuals achieve their dream of pregnancy and having a child. Dr. Ketan S. Patel is Board Certified in Reproductive Endocrinology, and Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is the former Medical Director of Reproductive Endocrinology at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, and he has been named Top Doc in Arizona for 15 consecutive years. Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health has unparalleled pregnancy and live birth rates. FAST Fertility Testing and our services are available to all individuals regardless of sexual orientation.

For more information about our fertility services and how you can benefit from treatment, message our fertility center through our Klara portal or call us at:

(480) 504-1255

As a reminder, due to the sensitive cells in our lab, please avoid wearing fragrances when coming to our office.

F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing:What Steps Are Involved?

F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing is a unique option for all people who want to grow their families. This online interactive tool is easy, straightforward and simplifies the fertility testing process. This will enable our clinic to provide tailored treatment to all individuals, no matter their sexual orientation.
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1. F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing

The first step in the process is to take our simple online interactive, which requires no more than 10 minutes to complete. You will answer basic questions about yourself, your partner, your cycles, and your reproductive history.
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2. Baseline Blood Draw and Ultrasound

Women will undergo a vaginal ultrasound and blood draw at the beginning of the menstrual cycle (on day two, three, or four) to check their ovarian reserve.
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3. HSG X-ray

Women will also need to undergo a hysterosalpingogram (HSG). This x-ray procedure and dye test allows us to view the shape of the uterus and check for signs of blockages in the fallopian tubes.
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4. Semen Analysis

Men will undergo a complete semen analysis so we can check sperm count, morphology, and motility. Male factor infertility contributes to approximately 30% of all infertility cases.
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5. Consultation (Recommended)

When all of your testing is complete, we recommend a consultation with our fertility specialist to discuss your results and treatment options. Upon request, we can send your results to your chosen health care provider.

F.A.S.T Results

Take the online F.A.S.T Fertility Test!

Patients "Highly Recommend"
Dr. Ketan Patel

"Not only did Dr. Patel help us conceive quickly, but he made the process so smooth and convenient. As convenient as this process can be. :) Their office hours and his willingness to work all 365 days of the year to help create families is a true testament to his devotion to others. I appreciate how upfront he is about the process, cost, and reasoning for particular procedures. The lovely ladies in the office are personable and truly care about the well being of the patients. I highly recommend Dr. Patel and Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health! Thank you guys for helping to make our family complete."

 - Samantha McAnally, 5-star Google Review

"Thanks to Dr. Patel I just had my baby boy this month. Him and his staff were amazing throughout the whole process. If I had a question I could email the team and they would always respond quick and address my concerns. Dr. Patel is so very thorough and knowledgeable and I knew the whole time I was going through IVF that I was in the best hands. His practice is smaller and I felt like I wasn't just a number which is how you should feel when going through something like fertility treatments."

 - Lauren Eggen, 5-star Google Review

An In-Depth Look  at the Testing Process

Ordering Your Online Fertility Work-Up

FAST quiz

Our online interactive tool is a quick and easy method for ordering your own personal fertility testing without the need for a health care provider referral. You will answer basic questions about yourself, such as your name, email address, and marital status. Then you will answer questions about your medical history, such as any family history of genetic disorders, your reproductive history, and your menstrual cycle. Finally, you will have an option to either upload your health plan information or pay the bundled, discounted rate with a credit card to complete the first step of the F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing. We will send you a confirmation email, and then contact you to discuss your health care benefits and will also review the scheduling of your testing appointments. It’s that easy!

Baseline Ultrasound & Blood Test

Woman getting blood drawnThe vaginal ultrasound and clinical blood draw need to take place at the beginning of your period on day two, three, or four, while you are still bleeding. Any time a woman starts her period after 4:00 pm, day one is considered the following day. If you start your period on Friday night or during the weekend, you need to call us first thing on Monday or message us through Klara (our secure patient communication portal) so that we can have you come in as soon as possible. At this appointment, we will perform a vaginal ultrasound to check your follicular count and blood draw. This will give us information on your ovarian reserve.

The HSG X-ray

Illustration of female reproductive systemThe HSG x-ray and dye test needs to take place once the bleeding has stopped but before day 12 of your cycle. Day 12 is the absolute last day that we can perform this test. Typically, it is a quick procedure that takes about five minutes. During this test, we will insert a small catheter through the cervix. Next, we will inject a contrast material into the uterine cavity. The x-ray will pick up the contrast and show if there are any blockages in the fallopian tubes or other abnormalities.

The Semen Analysis


Males will need an appointment with our lab for this test. We don't accept walk-in appointments. Men must avoid sexual intercourse or ejaculation for two to five days prior to their appointment. The lab will study the count, motility and morphology of the sperm. This will enable us to obtain an accurate measure of factors that may be affecting male fertility.

Fertility Consultation

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Once all testing is complete, we recommend you schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Patel. He will review the test results as well as both partners’ personal, medical, and genetic history. At this time, we will also be ready to advise you on the best reproductive treatment options available to you moving forward, such as ovulation induction, IUI, or IVF.

Patients "Absolutely Adore"
Dr. Ketan Patel

"Dr patel and his team are the BEST. After going through lot's of fertility clinics and different rounds of IUI, i came to know about AZARH. I didn't had much hope when i first went there but Dr patel show me the best path of my life and finally i got pregnant. His diagnosis and advice was so accurate that it just changed my life. He gave me my baby and not only that i was able to conceive naturally after that for my 2nd baby."

 - Sakina R., 5-star Yelp Review

"My husband and I absolutely adore Dr. Patel and his staff. We went to several other fertility doctors in town before finding AZARH and no one else compares. We were blessed with twins last year thanks to him and his amazing staff. I highly recommend them!"

 - Alison Johnson, 5-star Google Review

F.A.S.T Results

Take the online F.A.S.T Fertility Test!

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