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      IUI Success Tips

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      When people are considering fertility services, they should look into all of their options. While IVF is a highly successful fertility treatment, there are less invasive and more affordable techniques which may also be helpful. For instance, intrauterine insemination, or IUI, offers a substantial improvement in pregnancy chances for suitable patients.

      Individuals undergoing IUI treatment at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health should consider these IUI success tips that can further promote the chance of a healthy pregnancy.

      Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

      Healthy lifestyle habits, like regular exercise and a nutritious diet, are always beneficial for a healthy mind and body, but they are especially important leading up to fertility treatment. By maintaining a diet that is rich in vitamins, nutrients, and lean proteins, people can support their fertile health and put their body in the best condition for undergoing fertility treatment. While strenuous exercises should be avoided during fertility treatment (especially if it is a new exercise routine), activities like yoga, walking, and hiking are encouraged.

      Reduce Stress and Anxiety

      It is normal for individuals to experience heightened stress or anxiety while they are preparing for an IUI procedure. Unfortunately, stress can negatively impact fertility treatment results. We encourage our patients to prioritize self-care in the weeks prior to IUI. If stress is a concern, individuals should consider relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga, listening to music, or spending time with friends or family.

      Avoid Ejaculation for Two Days Prior to Sperm Collection

      When collecting a semen sample for IUI treatment, it is beneficial for the sample to be large in volume and to contain a high number of sperm. If men ejaculate shortly before providing their semen sample, the volume and number of sperm can be compromised. It is generally best to avoid ejaculating for 1-3 days prior to sperm collection. Your fertility specialist will tell you when to have intercourse and when to save up for the IUI.

      Ask About Sperm Washing

      Sperm washing is a technique that is often performed in conjunction with IUI treatment. Sperm washing separates healthy, motile sperm from the seminal fluid, so that there is a concentrated sample to use for the IUI procedure. Sperm washing and IUI increase pregnancy chances over timed intercourse or vaginal insemination, , so patients should ask whether this technique is available when they are selecting a fertility clinic.

      Ask About Ovarian Stimulation

      Fertility medications are often used in combination with IUI. Medications, such as clomiphene and letrozole, may be used to induce ovulation in patients who do not ovulate regularly or to promote the release of more than one egg in women with other forms of infertility. Patients should speak with our doctors about which if any fertility medications may prove beneficial to their treatment.

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