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      FAST Fertility Testing for the LGBTQ Community

      LGBT Fertility Clinic Arizona

      At Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health in Scottsdale, AZ, and Gilbert, AZ, we offer F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing. F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing is a quick and efficient way to order fertility testing online through a fertility doctor and lab that is comprehensively contracted with most health insurance providers.

      This interactive tool takes each patient’s unique circumstances, cycles, and reproductive history into consideration. This makes F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing an excellent option for all patients, regardless of their sexual orientation. Learn more about F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing for the LGBTQ community.

      The Benefits of F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing

      When given the choice of ordering fertility tests using our interactive tool versus traditional methods, many patients prefer the convenience and quick turnaround offered by F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing.

      Order Fertility Tests Online

      Complete our simple questionnaire online, it only takes about 15 minutes. The questions are tailored to each patient, so we can account for your unique circumstances and reproductive history.

      Learn More about Your Options

      With F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing, patients can order fertility tests for themselves, their partner, and their potential donor.

      For female patients, a blood test and ultrasound will be performed to check ovarian reserve between days two and four of the menstrual cycle; an HSG x-ray will be done after bleeding has stopped but before day 12 of the cycle to check for signs of blockages in the fallopian tubes. For male patients, a semen analysis is conducted by appointment to check sperm count, shape, motility, and other factors.

      Once all testing is complete, we can send the results to your primary provider, or you can come to our practice for a consultation with Dr. Ketan Patel. During this appointment, he will go over your test results and your reproductive options.

      No Need for Physician Appointments or Referrals

      Most patients don’t know that they can order their own fertility testing using our online tool, and still have it covered by their health plan. Instead of scheduling an appointment with your primary care provider, you can order your tests today and get answers to your fertility questions sooner.


      Health plans have been getting more competitive, and many now offer some coverage for fertility services, particularly fertility testing. When you order your fertility tests using our online tool, you have the option of uploading a photo of your health plan information so we can verify that your testing is covered.

      Alternatively, patients can pay our affordable flat fee. This bundled, discounted rate can be paid via credit card.

      Fertility Treatment Options for the LGBTQ Community

      Two of the most popular treatment options for LGBTQ patients that want to grow their family includes IUI and IVF:

      • IUI: IUI involves the use of fertility medication to encourage the production of multiple eggs. The patient’s cycle is monitored through blood tests and ultrasounds to determine the ideal time for fertilization. When ovulation occurs, sperm will be introduced into the uterus, increasing the possibility of pregnancy.
      • IVF: IVF is a more expensive and timely treatment, but it has a higher success rate. In this treatment process, the eggs are retrieved from the follicles and mixed with sperm in a laboratory setting. After a few days, viable embryos can be transferred to the uterus where they can implant and result in pregnancy.

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