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      Fertility Treatment Grants

      Fertility Treatment Grants

      Many people struggle with infertility, but thanks to fertility treatments, including assisted reproductive technology, many achieve their dream of becoming a parent. While the treatments offered at our fertility clinic, Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health, can be life-changing, we understand that they are also costly.

      Insurance coverage is generally not an option for fertility treatment, but there are other fertility financial assistance services to consider.

      Many are unaware of their existence, but fertility treatment grants can partially or completely cover the cost of certain reproductive services.

      Patients from Scottsdale, AZ and Gilbert, AZ areas who are considering filing for a grant can learn more about the process here.

      How Do Fertility Grants Work?

      Grants for fertility treatment work much like college scholarship programs, with individuals applying for the grant that best matches their unique circumstances, and a committee selecting who will receive the grant benefits.

      And as with college scholarships, there are many fertility grants to consider. Some grants for fertility treatment are specific to certain clinics, some can only be applied to certain fertility treatments, and most have criteria that must be met by applicants.

      Do Your Research Before Applying for a Grant

      Numerous people apply for fertility grants, so being selected to receive fertility financial assistance is not a guarantee. We urge our patients to carefully research any fertility grant before applying.

      Nearly all grants require an application fee, and individuals should be certain that the grant is right for them (and is a legitimate grant) before spending time and money on an application process.

      Before applying intended parents should:

      • Carefully read the requirements for the grant (including the fine print)
      • If a grant is clinic-specific, research the clinic and consider if you would receive treatment there if it weren’t for the grant
      • Assess the organization offering the grant
      • Research what costs are covered by the grant
      • Consider what will be required if you win the grant (for instance, most organizations will want you to share your story and provide photos for promotional material, etc.)
      • Determine if there is a specific timeline for the grant

      Will I Still Have Personal Expenses?

      Again, fertility treatment grants are very similar to college scholarships, not all cover the full expense of treatment. Even those fertility grants that are advertised as full treatment grants are unlikely to cover every expense that is associated with treatment.

      Patients should expect to have at least some amount of out-of-pocket costs, whether it be for the initial fertility testing, enhanced treatment services, travel expenses for out-of-town treatment, or lost income from time off work.

      Regardless of any additional expenses, grants provide substantial fertility financial assistance and make fertility treatment a viable option for many who would otherwise struggle to handle the expense.

      National Fertility Treatment Grants to Consider

      There are multiple agencies willing to offer fertility grants, many of which are on a local level. For individuals who are unsure where to begin, these national grants are a good place to start:

      Contact Us Today!

      If you are considering fertility treatment and are concerned about the cost, the team at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health can help you explore financing options, including grants for fertility treatment.

      To learn more, send us a message online, or call (480) 860-4792 to schedule a consultation.

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