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      Summer Care Fertility Packages

      Summer Care Fertility Packages

      Struggling to conceive and dealing with potential infertility issues can be very difficult. While there are numerous fertility treatments to assist individuals in becoming a parent, many of these services are costly, and financial struggles can add stress to an already trying time.

      At our fertility clinic, Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health, we strive to provide affordable fertility treatments and access to financing solutions that make fertility services a possibility for all patients in the Scottsdale, AZ and Gilbert, AZ areas.

      To further assist our patients in getting their fertility journey started, we are currently offering summer fertility care packages that provide patients with additional discounts on some of our more popular services.

      Savings on F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing

      To get a thorough understanding of the fertility issues that our patients are facing, we need to perform a series of fertility tests. One of the most effective ways for our patients to get the fertility testing process started is with our online tool, F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing.

      F.A.S.T. Fertility Testing begins with an online survey that asks questions regarding the reproductive history and the menstrual cycle. After completing this survey, patients are able to schedule a number of valuable diagnostic tests, including a baseline blood draw, a vaginal ultrasound, HSG x-rays, and semen analysis.

      As part of our summer fertility care packages, we have extended a recent offer that allows patients to undergo complete F.A.S.T. fertility testing, along with a follow-up consultation for just $650. This is a cost-efficient way for individuals to get answers that are needed when creating an appropriate fertility treatment plan.

      Savings on IVF

      In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is one of the most popular and most versatile fertility treatments. IVF is a multi-step treatment that oversees all stages of conception, to bypass the most common fertility issues, including those that are unexplained.

      Since there are multiple procedures involved with IVF, treatment can be costly. We keep our prices as low as possible for our patients. A standard IVF cycle at our fertility clinic starts at $5,600. As part of our summer fertility care packages, we are offering an $850 discount on IVF treatment. This gives individuals the opportunity to complete a cycle of IVF treatment for less than $5,000.

      Who Qualifies for Summer Care Packages?

      Our summer care packages are available to all new patients who are self-paying. To qualify for these special deals, patients must register and make a refundable deposit by August 31, 2020. The summer fertility care packages will be valid for registered patients who begin treatment by November 30, 2020. Some additional restrictions apply, and our staff is happy to provide more detailed information. If individuals do not qualify for our summer fertility care packages, we can explore additional financing options that can make fertility treatment more affordable for each patient’s individual budget.

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      If you would like more information about our summer fertility care packages, the team at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health would be happy to assist you. Send us a message at your earliest convenience, or call (480) 860-4792 to find out more about the savings that may be available to you.

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