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      Egg Donor IVF FAQs

      Egg Donor IVF FAQs

      In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is one of the most frequently performed fertility treatments. IVF involves fertilizing an egg in a laboratory setting, and then transferring mature embryos directly to the uterus. IVF bypasses many of the most common fertility problems to increase the chance of a successful pregnancy.

      IVF is an ideal treatment option for many people, including those of our Scottsdale, AZ, and Gilbert, AZ, patients who cannot use their own eggs for the procedure. These patients can work with an egg donor to undergo egg donor IVF. Here, fertility doctors at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health answer some frequently asked questions regarding egg donor IVF.

      How Do I Know if I’m a Candidate For Egg Donor IVF?

      IVF is a suitable treatment option for many of our patients. While traditional IVF may be right for some, others may be better suited for egg donor IVF. Egg donor IVF is generally recommended for:

      • Female patients with age-related infertility
      • Female patients with a diminished ovarian reserve (a low number of remaining eggs or eggs of a poor quality)
      • Patients who have repeatedly failed to get pregnant through traditional IVF
      • Single male patients
      • Gay male couples

      The best way for someone to know for sure whether egg donor IVF may be right for them is to undergo a fertility screening and consultation with our fertility doctors.

      Is It Hard to Find an Egg Donor?

      To undergo egg donor IVF, our Scottsdale patients need to have a willing egg donor. Many wonder if it is hard to find someone who is ready and able to donate their eggs. Most people find an egg donor easily. Sometimes a patient’s own friends or family members offer to be screened to be an egg donor. If patients do not know someone personally who is willing to donate, or if they prefer to work with an anonymous donor, there are many donor banks that can provide a list of pre-screened egg donors.

      What Will I Know about My Egg Donor?

      Patients may be hesitant to work with an anonymous egg donor, but anonymous does not mean uninformed. Individuals who select an egg donor through a donor bank are able to review a lot of information about the donor. They can learn about the donor’s race, ethnicity, religion, education, and even their personal interests and personality traits. Patients can also get a general description about the donor’s appearance, including eye color, hair color, and height. This allows patients to select a donor that most closely matches their preferences.

      Can I Carry the Pregnancy Myself?

      Women who are working with an egg donor for IVF treatment often want to carry the baby themselves. In most cases, this is ideal. Unless there are other problems present that would increase the risk of pregnancy, intended mothers should be able to carry the pregnancy themselves.

      When we are working with male patients, or when female patients are not well-suited to carry the pregnancy, a gestational surrogate will need to be selected in addition to an egg donor. A gestational surrogate undergoes an embryo transfer procedure to receive embryos that have been fertilized using the donor egg and a sperm sample.

      Does Egg Donor IVF Have High Success Rates?

      Egg donor IVF is a highly successful procedure. In fact, because donor eggs are so carefully screened, they are of extremely high quality. As a result, egg donor IVF actually has a slightly higher success rate than traditional IVF treatment.

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