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      Does Insurance Cover IVF?

      Does Insurance Cover IVF

      Individuals who have been unable to conceive after a year or more of trying often turn to fertility treatment for help. In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is a particularly popular fertility service. IVF is an assisted reproductive technology that addresses a wide range of fertility problems, including those that are unexplained.

      IVF offers good success rates for certain patients, but many worry about the cost of treatment. When considering IVF, it is important to question if IVF is covered by insurance.

      The fertility specialists at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health, serving the Scottsdale, AZ, and Gilbert, AZ, area, help patients understand insurance coverage and financing options for IVF so that they can find a way to make treatment work within their budget.

      Arizona and Insurance Coverage for Fertility Treatment

      Insurance is one of the few financial services that is regulated on the state level, rather than the federal level. This means that insurance providers must follow regulations set by the state where they are domiciled, or adhere to laws in the state where they are providing services. While some states require that insurance companies provide some degree of coverage for fertility services, Arizona is not one of them. In Arizona it is left to an insurer’s discretion whether they will offer benefits for fertility treatment.

      Understanding Insurance Options

      Although fertility treatment benefits are not required in the state of Arizona, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a person doesn’t have coverage. Some insurance companies still provide benefits for at least a portion of fertility tests, treatments, and services, but benefits can vary greatly. For instance, some insurers may cover solely the cost of fertility testing and diagnosis, while others may offer additional coverage to pay for some or all of a single round of IUI or IVF treatment. Still others may offer a lifetime maximum of coverage that can be used for a variety of fertility services, until all the benefits have been utilized.

      To get an accurate estimate of IVF costs and out-of-pocket expenses, patients really need to understand their insurance benefits. Insurance plans can be difficult to comprehend, and when stipulations are present, it is especially complicated. At Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health, our team is available to help our patients understand their insurance coverage and calculate the expenses they can anticipate for IVF treatment.

      Financing IVF Costs

      The more comprehensive insurance coverage is, the less that patients will have to pay out-of-pocket, but even with a good insurance plan, some personal expenses should be expected. Our financing specialists are happy to meet with patients to explore insurance coverage and discuss financing options for non-covered IVF costs. Depending on the personal cost of treatment and each patient’s financial needs, they may benefit from financing options such as:

      • Fertility treatment loan
      • Medical credit card
      • Fertility assistance grants

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      Figuring out the financial aspects of IVF treatment can be complicated and stressful, but the team at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health is here to help. To learn more about IVF costs, insurance coverage, and financing options, contact our office online, or call (480) 860-4792 to schedule a personal consultation. We have offices in Scottsdale and Gilbert.

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