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      What is the Best Age to Freeze Eggs?

      What is the Best Age to Freeze Eggs?

      Family and children are important to many people, but often, those are goals for the future. Individuals should be free to focus their attention on education, career, travel, and other life goals before they feel pressured to start a family. Unfortunately, biological factors limit the ideal window of time to have a child.

      At Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health, we offer egg freezing, which can extend that window for our Scottsdale, AZ and Gilbert, AZ patients.

      Egg freezing involves collecting and storing a woman’s eggs so that they can be used later for IVF treatment. Knowing the ideal age for egg freezing can allow a woman to stop worrying about her biological clock and continue enjoying her life.

      What Is the Best Age to Freeze Eggs?

      There is no magical age at which egg freezing is best, however, in general, we recommend freezing your eggs while a woman is most fertile - in her 20s and early 30s.

      Those of our patients who fall into this age range can expect success from egg freezing. That window may be extended slightly based on each patient’s reproductive health, but we usually do not recommend egg freezing beyond the age of 40.

      The whole idea of egg freezing is to collect and store eggs while they are still in good supply and viable. To achieve that goal, it is important to schedule egg freezing while a woman is at the peak of fertility.

      Why Should I Consider Egg Freezing?

      No woman should allow societal pressure to push her into starting a family before she is ready. However, as much as it would be nice to completely ignore all the well-meaning comments about having a baby before your biological clock stops ticking, there are scientific issues to consider.

      Each woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have in her lifetime. On average, a woman is born with one million eggs, but by the time she reaches puberty, that number will have already dropped to around 300,000. That sounds like a lot, but only around 300 of those are released before a woman reaches menopause. As a woman ages, her number of remaining eggs drops, as does the quality of those eggs.

      Egg freezing is a good option for women who want to hold off having children, or for those with health problems to consider (such as cancer). Egg freezing allows these women to focus on other things without worrying so much about their ability to become a mother in the future.

      Determining the Ideal Time for Treatment

      Understanding when they are most likely to be fertile is a good place for our Scottsdale patients to start, but we can further determine the ideal time for egg freezing by providing some important fertility tests. Fertility testing allows us to evaluate a woman’s ovarian reserves so that we can predict whether egg freezing will be a success.

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