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      Read IVF and IUI success stories from real AZARH patients below. We offer free consultations and comprehensive reproductive services for both men and women.

      "My wife and I tried to get pregnant for almost two years without success. My family physician mentioned about fertility clinic and my wife OBGYN suggested Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health (AZARH). We researched couple well known clinics around town and decided to schedule an appointment with AZARH and the journey began. Right from the very beginning, Dr Patel and his team demonstrated a very high level of professionalism. We went through our first counseling session and he explained everything to us, and I mean *everything.” He also listened to us carefully and provided honest and expert feedbacks on our concerns. After the meeting, we decided to go with AZARH. Dr Patel derived a personalized process starting with diagnostics including a visit to urology specialist for me. We started with less invasive procedures but eventually went through multiple IVF cycles. His crews understood well the pain points as well as the effort required from the patients. They were instrumental guiding us through each step. Injection schedule and financial arrangement were complicated and they helped us to be successful. They were sensitive to our private circumstances and their encouragements were invaluable. After three IVF cycles my wife was pregnant and we were very happy. During amniocentesis, we were asked to conduct a more thorough genetic screening and it was found our baby had a genetic concern. It turns out she inherited the disorder from her mother and that immediately rang a bell since Dr Patel had already suggested we should consider genetic screening to improve our chances. We believed that the genetic disorder, albeit harmless to both mother and child, was the main reason preventing my wife from getting pregnant. We were very grateful for having our child. After a year or so my wife and I decided we wanted another. We of course went to AZARH seeking their help again. Because we were aware of the genetic disorder, Dr. Patel prescribed proactive genetic screening on the embryos. While we had many seemingly normal embryos, only a handful passed the Preimplantation Genetics Screening (PGS) test. Although their grading weren’t the best, my wife is pregnant again now and we are looking forward to our second child. Dr. Patel and his team in AZARH are of course master of their field. However what impressed me the most is their very high level of professionalism with personal touch. They take each patient very seriously and they strive for success in each case. I wholeheartedly recommend AZARH."

      "Best IVF experience ever! Starting in November of 2013 my husband and I went to Dr. Patel for our first IVF procedure and I have to say that the whole process was an amazing experience. The front desk staff and nurses especially Stephanie are very caring, gentle and professional. Dr. Patel is very thorough in explaining every step in the process and answering any questions or concerns. I am a 32 year old female with one functioning ovary and was only able to retrieve 4 follicles compared to the usual 6-12 in a women my age. As my husband and I waited patiently for the results after the retrieval, we finally received a phone call that only one embryo was made and that we would have to do a second day transfer compared to the typical 3, 5 or 6 day transfer. At this point in the process we had less than 1 out of 10 chance of the procedure working and I’m happy to say that it took! We are currently 8 weeks pregnant so we still have a long way to go until we are in the clear but so far so good. I would highly recommend Dr. Patel and his staff if you are having fertility issues and are considering IUI or IVF."

      "My wife and I have been trying to have a baby since 2005 without any luck. She was able to get pregnant naturally in 2010, but had a miscarriage at 9 weeks. We continued trying with no luck, we then went to ARMS clinic and tried unsuccessfully with artificial insemination and they tried to encourage us to try IVF. We were hesitant to do that because of the cost involved and financially the time wasn't right. Fast forward to 2013, my wife was referred to Dr. Patel at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health. From the time of our very first visit, he was very professional and answered every question we had, good and bad. He was always straight forward with us and made us feel like a priority on every visit, which wasn't very easy seeing as his office had no shortage of patients. He is very knowledgeable in the fertility field of medicine. Doreen and all the staff members treated us with the utmost respect and they were helpful as well with the whole process. We were sad to move on to the OB Dr. after the IVF was a success. He told us of the high risk involved with my wife being 38 years of age, and he told us it was a miracle pregnancy as he was only able to retrieve 4 eggs and only got two embryo's. She is now 4 months pregnant. We're very satisfied in every way with the professional office that is run at AAFRH. Thank you Dr. Patel & staff. "
      David & Rosadelma

      "I would recommend Dr. Patel to all of my friends and family! After a failed IVF treatment in another state we moved to Arizona to be near family and I was referred to Dr. Patel by several people. He and his staff were amazing and I never felt like just a patient number to them, they knew our names and recognized us when we walked in. Not only is Dr. Patel (and his entire staff) funny and kind but they are also very honest and will listen to your concerns and wishes and take those into account. I truly felt like they had my best interests at heart the entire time and I trust them completely. I was able to reach his staff any time of day to answer my questions, which were lots, and that was really important to me. It is a scary time and knowing I could talk to someone when needed, was very comforting. I am now pregnant in my 2nd trimester and I know it would not be possible without Dr. Patel and his staff. We are forever grateful."

      "My husband and I were told that after an ectopic pregnancy we would have to go towards IVF to start a family. We were devastated, knowing that IVF can be costly and we didn’t know how to move forward. A very good friend of ours was successful with her IVF and is now pregnant with twins. So, when she told me about the AZARH family and how great they were I knew that this was it. When I met with Dr. Patel I was impressed right away. He was honest and very straight forward with us and that made us feel comfortable knowing that we weren’t just being told what we wanted to hear. My journey with IVF was a long a though one that started in January and ended successfully in September. Dr. Patel is so thorough in making sure that I was the healthiest I could be before we started IVF. My cycle was pushed back a few times due to a polyp and a cyst. Finally catching the break we needed, I was OK to start the process. Dr. Patel and his staff made me feel like a part of the family and being there for 9 months was stressful, yes, but I felt comfortable that I was in good hands. Their office became a second home to me. We finally got the call in September from Corey that we were pregnant. When I picked up the phone she answered, "hi momma!” I wish I could have recorded that call. She was just as excited as I was. I have now since "graduated” to an OB and it was so hard to leave Dr. Patel’s office. I still want to go back and keep him as my doctor. But we must move forward and Dr. Patel and his staff made that possible. My husband and I are expecting our first child after 7 years of infertility and from our first successful cycle of IVF. we expect to see our baby on May 20th. we couldn't be more thankful that we found Dr. Patel and his staff. We are truly blessed to have shared this experience with such a fantastic group of people. We look forward to seeing them in the near future for round 2!"
      Terra and Wesley

      "It is without reservation that my husband and I recommend Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health if you are considering any type of treatment for infertility. Dr. Patel and his team are great at explaining the process and answering any questions. Dr. Patel also knows when to offer advice and when to listen and allow the patient some time to think. He was very honest with our odds of becoming pregnant and his concerns for success. It was nice that we were aware of what we were up against going into treatment. He is also involved in every step; so, we felt confident in the fact that we could trust his opinion on how things were looking as our treatment progressed. His staff is also excellent at explaining information and returning calls. They are very genuine people that make you feel comfortable with every part of the process. Dr. Patel and his staff allowed for us to have the greatest joy available. We first saw Dr. Patel in the early part of 2011 and just before Christmas that year we got the phone call from Doreen telling us that we were pregnant! She was just as excited as we were. We couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present. IVF is a very emotional road but I am willing to go down that road again to try for number two because we had such an excellent experience with Dr. Patel and his team. I would not consider going anywhere else."
      Kim and Jed

      "I was referred to Dr. Patel years ago by a friend who had a healthy daughter via IVF (she later had a son via a frozen embryo transfer). I am very grateful to my friend for the recommendation. Dr. Patel was straightforward, honest, and complete in discussing my options. His office is well run and the lab is wonderful - they were able to answer my questions, assist in transferring specimens, etc. I was able to quickly get pregnant with my amazing son, and was very happy to go back to him when I wanted a second child. I'm now pregnant again and am so grateful to him and his office staff. I frequently refer people to Dr. Patel - I think he has an excellent office and lab, and the results certainly speak for themselves."

      "Finding Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health, most particularly Dr. Patel, was the best thing that could ever happen to my husband and I. After almost 2,5 long years of struggling with Infertility (low sperm count and endometriosis), we finally became pregnant with twins! We met with Dr. Patel for our first consultation in July 2012, and the thing we appreciated the most, was how honest and forward Dr. Patel was with us by giving us both success and failure scenarios as well as explaining the entire process to us. With that in mind, it was easier to start this process on realistic grounds. Previous doctors had promised us successful pregnancies so when it all failed; the disappointment was heartbreaking, even knowing that realistically there are always chances of failure. So we really did appreciate Dr. Patel’s honesty. Also, one of the great things was the fact that Dr. Patel performed all ultrasounds himself throughout the entire process. It was nice not to have to deal with different ultrasound technicians at each visit like most clinics do. I can honestly say that the care I received there felt extremely special and made me feel very comfortable. The clinical staff were kind and simply AMAZING (Stephanie, Cori, and Doreen). They always made sure I was doing well physically and emotionally and were very supportive throughout the entire process. Ann, from the desk, was also amazing and very knowledgeable. Anytime I had concerns or questions, my calls were always returned in a timely manner (usually that same day), and on top of that, I was also able to reach Dr. Patel’s after hours for any concerns that may have arisen.. I don’t know many doctors who would go the extra mile and return a phone call on a Sunday evening. Karin, the office manager was also very nice and helpful. I would STRONGLY recommend Arizona Associates and Dr. Patel to anyone looking for great care and success. Of course each situation is different and in our case we were successful in becoming pregnant, but even if we had not, we would have had peace of mind knowing that we have received the best treatment and care from true and knowledgeable medical professionals. My husband and I will forever be grateful to the entire staff, especially Dr. Patel. If we had to do it all over again, we would do it all over again with Arizona Associates."

      "Dr. Patel has a special approach that would have me recommend him to anyone looking for an amazing fertility doctor. He greeted me in the waiting room on the first visit and he continued to make me feel like a priority on every visit and with every phone call. He is a patient, funny, knowledgeable man with a tremendous amount of respect for both eastern and western medicine. Although his life is mired in the details of statistics he didn’t make me feel like a statistic and he didn’t make me feel like a statistic and he also always spoke to me in very human terms. His staff is clearly a united team and they make the environment reassuring, comfortable, and inviting. The value for the experience is well worth it and this team made us feel like we were a part of their family."

      "Thank you to Dr. Patel and his team for their patience, education, support, and friendship. This is one of the most emotional times of one's life and it challenges a couple's relationship. Through it all, you have people that you can lean on and who will hold your hand. We had many obstacles to overcome and a long journey, but we always had the outlook "what is meant to be will be." We are now pregnant because of a blessing and the expertise of the Arizona Association for Reproductive Health team. We don't know what the future will bring, but we do know that we have an extended family who can't wait to meet our newest addition later this year."

      "My husband and I have been trying to have a child for 22 months. After one miscarriage followed by 18 months of trying to no success, along with multiple tests and surgeries we found out that I have a damaged fallopian tube. My OB/GYN suggested seeing a fertility specialist. After searching the internet I came across Dr. Patel with Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health. I read the testimonials and researched him on google and I just had this feeling that he was the doctor for us. I couldn’t have been more right on. My experience with this office was the best I could have had. Dr. Patel is very practical when it comes to your individual circumstances. He doesn’t just jump to what costs the most. He listens to your history and then tells you what he thinks is the best course of action and then he explains why that is. His nursing staff is supportive and always so nice. They explain everything to you and are patient with all of your questions. Even Karin at the front desk is like a one woman office management team. This entire office is prompt, efficient and caring to top it off. Two months into my treatment plan and I am pregnant. I couldn’t be more grateful to Dr. Patel for helping my husband and I achieve this amazing miracle. He made what was a truly heart breaking experience into something so wonderful."

      "Sincere "THANK YOU" for Dr Patel for helping us grown our family. We just want for everyone searching for the right doctor to know, that Dr Patel is a very knowledgeable doctor with huge experience, which resulted in a pretty great gift for us...we are now 9 weeks pregnant. Our journey of trying to conceive was very long (8years) and we've even reached the point of giving up our hopes...So meeting with Dr Patel changed our lives forever, which we are very glad for. Dr. Patel is a very patient person with a huge smile, and he really is there for you. Also big "thank you" for the staff at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health. They all are very pleasant and somehow made our experience with this process not so stressful."
      Michael & Marzena

      "My husband and I struggled with infertility for nearly two years before visiting Dr. Patel. Honestly, I had a lot of reservations about pursuing infertility treatment. One fear I had was that once we started testing and treatment for infertility that it would consume our lives and that we would be starting a process that was very emotionally and financially draining. My other fear was that I would reach a point where I was uncomfortable with the moral/ethical implications of fertility options being presented to us. Even after just the initial consultation with Dr. Patel, my confidence grew. I am pleased to say that I never felt pressured or overwhelmed by the process. I felt that I was always presented with a choice and the tools to make my decision. Our experience at AZARH did not burden us financially, emotionally or spiritually. My husband and I are now 19 weeks pregnant. What a blessing!"

      "Today I am 16 weeks pregnant with twins! My husband and I could not be happier about this amazing outcome to our IVF procedure at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health. I will soon become a mother for the first time at 41. My husband and I were married when I was 39. We weren’t sure that children could be part of our lives. Today, we are anxiously anticipating two– far more blessing than we could ever have imagined. This was not our first IVF cycle, but it was our first cycle at Arizona Associates. A previous cycle was not successful, but more than that our care at the other practice felt disorganized and impersonal. We chose Dr. Patel because his statistics were solid, the practice was near our home, and we felt an immediate rapport with him and others in the office during our initial visits. We could tell immediately that things would be different here, and they were. In fact, five weeks into my pregnancy I remember being a little nervous to "graduate” back to my ob/gyn for obstetrical care. I felt so safe and well-cared for by Dr. Patel, Doreen and the staff at Arizona Associates. Their care was consistent, well planned and focused; we always knew the next step and were clear on the goal of any treatment. They answered all of our questions, whenever we had them. I often received calls directly from Dr. Patel, to assure that I was doing well and that my husband and I didn’t have any questions following a visit. Doreen was with me throughout my treatment. She kept track of every detail of my care, was there for nearly every appointment and procedure, and answered my many emails promptly and patiently. Costs of treatment were clearly communicated and well-estimated. I felt like every person we encountered at this practice – even business and reception staff-- had a personal interest in us achieving this pregnancy. I have spent my entire career working in the healthcare industry. I think as a result, I have the highest possible expectations in the rare case when I have been the patient. I am thrilled to write this letter in support of others who are seeking infertility treatment. We were impressed with every aspect of our care in this practice, and would be very pleased to recommend it to others. Sending our best for your journey, and wishing you much success…"

      "Dr. Patel made the IVF process easier due to his knowledge and expertise in fertility, his encouraging words and sense of humor, and most importantly he was there to answer any questions that we had along the way. His staff was excellent as well! They were very considerate, compassionate, and understanding to any concerns that we had. My husband and I are now 8 weeks pregnant!! Thank you Dr. Patel and also to your amazing staff!
      Michael & Tammy

      "Our names are Jose and Gaby, we are 34 years old and we were very dedicated to our careers and studies to make a better living so we decided to postpone having children until about year and half ago, when we got jobs and we were somehow more established. To our surprise, we tried for about 9 months without results; my doctor suggested that since I was going to be 35 soon I should consult a fertility specialist. My husband asked some friends which highly recommended Dr. Patel, so we got an appointment and the adventure started. I heard of people with fertility issues and when you are there too it is honestly something hard to understand and just the idea of never been able to conceive was unbearable. But to date I feel blessed that God put us in Dr. Patel hands who really make all of this a good experience. Since our first visit, we both felt very comfortable and we felt the empathy that Dr. Patel put in our case, he is not only a very amenable and nice person, he is also very knowledgeable and confident in what he does. We went through all the diagnostic testing where we had the chance to interact with all the staff and the whole experience was to our surprise; very amenable as they were always very nice and helpful but particularly we knew they were committed to our case, they knew your name and everything was always organized. After all the testing, our only option was in vitro fertilization so we went for it. The process is a little hard because you really do not know what is the outcome, but Dr. Patel explained everything to us like if he were our school teacher; he answered all our concerns and he took us through the process with absolute respect and honesty, we never felt that he said anything to us just to make us feel better, in contrast he always spoke with the truth and help us to decide what was the best for us. We did not have the best scenario, as I did not produce as many follicles as it was expected, I guess I did not respond very well to the meds, plus I had a kind of a "lazy ovary”. I was sure my cycle was going to be cancelled but Dr. Patel did not give up and he tried until the end and for that I am immensely thankful. We got two embryos, which were transferred two days after the egg retrieval. During the entire process we were answered to every question we had, we received excellent training and instruction, and during the actual egg retrieval and embryo transfer the nurses were incredible nice and committed to make you feel relaxed and cared. Two weeks after embryo transfer we got a positive pregnancy test, some weeks later we saw a heart beat, which is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen, and today we are 12 weeks pregnant and full of hope and amazed that life is growing inside me. I do not think there is anything that we can do to thank enough for what Dr. Patel did for us. Thank you Dr. Patel and staff."

      "I wanted to share how positive my experience with AZARH has been. My husband and I had been actively trying to conceive for 14 months. My OBGYN had diagnosed me with PCOS in June of 2012 and started me on Metformin and Clomid. After 3 months of clomid at different doses, I still didn't have any mature follicals. I made the decision to switch to Dr. Patel at AZARH to get a more custom treatment plan together with more frequent monitoring. From my first visit, my husband and I felt we were in good hands. The next day, they got me in for an HSG test on my tubes and jumped right into my 4th round of clomid which I had already started taking. At the day 12 ultrasound, my follicals were still 2 or 3 times too small but this time instead of giving up on the cycle, Dr. Patel prescribed me an extra 5 days of clomid with a repeat ultrasound. At the next scan I had one 21mm follical and we were ready to trigger and schedule our IUI procedure. The first month under Dr. Patel's care and we got pregnant!!! The follow up after was very reassuring too. They prescribed progesterone to take a few days after the IUI and had me come in for blood work twice to make sure my HCG levels were doubling. I was able to have 2 ultrasound scans to see the pregnancy was viable and that there was a heartbeat and fetal pole. The staff was always encouraging and friendly. There was hardly any wait time and each appointment was prompt and educational. I am extremely impressed with the care, professionalism, and expertise that AZARH has. I will definitely go to them again in the future!"

      "We want to thank everyone at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health for the wonderful experience. Stacy and I had several biological setbacks and complications that made the reproduction process very difficult for us. However, Doctor Patel and the staff at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health turned this very difficult experience into something very manageable and actually pleasant. Doctor Patel was available to us twenty-four hours a day – even met with us on Easter. He was great at explaining the process and why he makes certain recommendations. He was extremely trustworthy. Most importantly – we are now expecting our first child and this would not have been possible without AZARH."
      Josh and Stacy

      "While infertility is a very stressful and heartbreaking journey, we ended up having a great experience thanks to Dr. Patel and his staff. We honestly couldn’t have asked for better, more thorough fertility care. Everyone at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health was extremely helpful and genuinely seemed to share our desire to get us pregnant. We feel fortunate to have been referred to AZARH and would recommend them to anyone dealing with this difficult issue."

      "Family is important to both of us, and when we realized that starting ours was going to be difficult we were devastated. We evaluated all of our options and decided undergo fertility treatments with Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health. From our first consultation, Dr. Patel and Dr. Larsen were honest, direct, realistic and understanding. Their professionalism went beyond being exceedingly skilled and knowledgeable in the field of reproductive medicine – they deeply understood the emotional and mental component of treatment and their staff helped us through every element of the process. We felt as though we truly had a team working with us at all times and we could not have been more grateful. We’re expecting our first child in a few months – family is important to us, and so is the family at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health."
      Sara and Chris

      "We met Dr. Patel in early 2010 and knew that we had come to the right place when we met him! He took time to go over our medical history and previous IVF attempts, and paid careful attention to our concerns and questions. After a successful FET cycle in April of 2010 at AZARH, we gave birth to our third daughter in January of 2011. We are thrilled with our experiences with Dr. Patel, and all of the nurses, medical, and office staff, and would highly recommend AZARH to anyone looking to start their family or expand their family."

      "My husband and I had our first son on July 4, 2005 after getting pregnant very easily and had an easy pregnancy. We were actually surprised by this as my husband had undergone chemotherapy eight years earlier for testicular cancer. When our son was almost 2 1/2 were found out we were pregnant with our second, again it was surprisingly easy! However, at 13 weeks we had complications and lost our baby. And then the process of getting pregnant got more difficult, especially since I was almost 37 years of age. After numerous months of trying, our OB/GYN recommended we meet Dr. Ketan Patel and start the fertility treatment process. Ironically after our first consultation/interview with Dr. Patel, we found out we were pregnant. We thought, wow, he is great! All we had to do is talk to him and we got pregnant! Unfortunately we lost our baby very early on at 7 weeks but were determined to keep trying and we knew Dr. Patel was the one to help us. As we got into the fertility treatment process we even further believed that Dr. Patel was the best at what he does! We appreciated his pragmatic approach and yet we definitely felt his caring side and knew that he was going to do his best to help us have a sibling for our son. He laid out the "game plan" for getting pregnant and in May 2010 we found out we were expecting a child! Feeling like a giant pin cushion during the month of April was totally worth it! The IVF treatment worked, and we know it worked because of the expertise of Dr. Ketan Patel. On December 6, 2010 we delivered our second son. He came into our lives a bit earlier than expected, but he is strong and healthy and ready to keep up with his older brother!"
      Edith (Jim, Henry and Nile)

      "Choosing AZARH to help us achieve our dream of becoming parents was the best decision we could have made. There are no words that can adequately describe the gratitude and appreciation we have for the amazing work done by Dr. Patel and the staff of AZARH. Our journey to parenthood did not take the path we hoped it would and it took much longer than we expected BUT thanks to the talents of Dr. Patel and AZARH we finally had success and recently delivered a healthy baby boy."

      "When we think about our experience at AZARH there are a couple of things that stand out. First, Dr. Patel always took the time to listen to our questions/concerns and presented us with as much information as possible so we could make informed decisions. Second, we were treated with kindness and respect every time we called or came into the office. Finally, we felt like everyone at AZARH genuinely wanted to see us succeed which helped us keep going. In our opinion, Dr. Patel helped us achieve the impossible and we would absolutely recommend him to anyone dealing with infertility. Thank you Dr. Patel and AZARH for helping us become a family!"
      Amy & Steve

      "Just wanted to follow up and thank you. Lee and I are in our 15th week of pregnancy and the second twin did end up fighting. We just found out this week that they are two boys and we just wanted to say again thank you for your help. We couldn't have done it with out you."
      Molly & Lee

      Dr. Patel was the nicest most caring doctor I have ever seen. He made my husband and I feel so comfortable and we are now pregnant!!! Dr. Patel and his staff were amazing every step of the way! I would tell anyone to see him if they were having difficulty starting a family!!"

      I think Dr. Patel is amazing. He spends time talking about your choices and is very honest! He is the greatest infertility doctor out there. His office staff is great too. I have seen a couple of different doctors and he is by far the best!"

      "My husband and I recently went to see Dr Patel for infertility. He was very thorough in getting our histories and easy to talk to. All of the necessary procedures done by him were quick and painless. After getting my diagnosis, he was very caring, optimistic, and gave us all of our options. We look forward to getting our family started with his help."

      "My husband and I would like to thank you for taking such good care of us. When we realized we needed to see a fertility specialist, we began researching doctors in the area. We scheduled consultations at two offices. After visiting both offices, we liked yours the best. Dr. Patel came across as a very genuine and smart person. He organized his thoughts in a very logical way. He seemed available to his patients, rather than being tucked away behind a big desk. Dr. Patel exceeded our expectations over the next two years. He encouraged discussions, gave us his expertise, and made himself available whenever we needed him. He is a very hard worker and showed genuine interest in us and our success. Cori, Doreen, and Anne were fantastic. They all were very pleasant, went out of their way to be helpful and treated us like good friends. All our dreams came true! In March, our little boy was born. It is still amazing to me, that at this time last year he was in a test tube on Princess Drive. On the day of the transfer, my husband said to me, "we need to go get our baby and bring it home!” Indeed, our little baby boy was there, and we officially welcomed him to our house in March. Sometimes I still can't believe he is here! Wishing you our sincerest thanks,"
      Name withheld for privacy

      "My husband & I are a bit older, and after 6 months of trying we and our OB/GYN decided it was a good idea to see a specialist. Dr. Ketan Patel was our choice, and we are so glad we went with him. He and his whole staff were very professional and they always kept our schedules in mind. They were mindful of our time, which I so appreciated being that we had to take longer lunches from work, etc. He gave us our options and was very realistic with our chances. He described what was happening at every stage. We decided to go with IUI, keep in mind we were on fertility medication for 6 months, already. It worked on the first try! We are now 9 1/2 weeks pregnant, and so excited. We are truly blessed that he was put in our path, and very grateful for his work. Thank you Dr. Patel and staff!"
      Roxanne & Gary

      "Our little miracle has finally arrived and we could not be happier. She has brought us more joy than we could have ever imagined... She is perfect! We just wanted to take the time to thank you and for all that you did to help our dream of being parents come true. We could have never had our little miracle without all of you. You all made this journey of infertility so much easier than we ever thought it could be. Every time we came into the office, we felt like all of the staff were more like family than doctors and nurses. We could never thank you enough for all that you did for us and we look forward to seeing you when it comes time to making our next little miracle."
      Chelsie & Eddie

      "I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us start our family. I am 39 weeks pregnant and expecting a little girl within the next week. I truly believe my miracle baby would not be possible had it not been for you, Dr. Patel and your team. After trying to get pregnant for awhile, then finding out that I had cervical cancer, my hopes and dreams of starting a family were diminishing. While I was recovering from my cervical cancer surgery, you gave us hope that there could be a possibility of starting a family. I truly believe that you being so proactive with our fertility treatment is the reason why we are expecting our first child any day. Our decision to seek fertility treatment with you was the best decision we have made. There is no greater gift than a child and we thank you with all of our hearts!"
      Thank you for our miracle! Jennifer and James

      "We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Patel and his staff and would recommend him to anyone struggling with infertility. After trying to have a baby on our own for 3 years without success, we found ourselves with Dr. Patel and he was wonderful! He is very straight forward and will tell you earnestly what you may be up against but we really appreciated his honesty. He is very compassionate and caring and I truly appreciated that he was there and present every step of the way. Every single ultrasound was done by him, not a nurse, as in most other offices. I loved the personalized, cozy feel to the practice. I never felt like just another patient in the days rotation. Our odds of conceiving with my own eggs were pretty slim and I was truly devastated but I am absolutely thrilled to say that I am now 25 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and we couldn't be more excited! Thanks to Dr. Patel, my dream has come true and I will become a Mom in March! Thank you again Dr. Patel and his staff for everything!!"

      "We had been trying to conceive for over a year when we decided we needed help. We found Dr. Patel online. From the first phone call we made to our graduation, Dr. Patels entire team treated us with compassion and professionalism. Ann at the front desk always remembered us by name and greeted us with a smile. Doreen, Cory, Stephanie, and the entire team got to know us personally and were both encouraging and supportive throughout the entire process. Dr. Patel was extremely professional, informative, and caring and became what we consider a friend. He was always honest and kept us informed as to why all decisions about our treatment were made. We really hope that anyone struggling with infertility will consider going to Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health. Our twins are due March 19, 2012 and we look forward to introducing them to Dr. Patel and all the fantastic people at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health."

      "Thank you so much for our two little miracles. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for all you did for our family. The girls are doing great!"
      Melissa & Lance

      "After six months of trying to conceive, we met with a fertility specialist. We were immediately told that we had a less than 1% chance of conceiving unless we used a donor. We quickly realized that we needed a different doctor. We met Dr. Patel and from day one, we knew he was the right doctor. He took the time to listen. When medication did not seem to help us get to next step, Dr. Patel did not give up. He encouraged us to stay the course and see what happens. Today, we are blessed with a baby girl. I realize that not everyone is as fortunate as we were, however having the right doctor for fertility challenges makes all the difference. I believe it is Dr Patel’s approach that brought us the most precious gift of all, family. We are very thankful to Dr. Patel and his staff."

      "After numerous failed IVF attempts in multiple locations in the valley, we finally achieved our dream with tremendous appreciation to Dr. Patel and entire staff at AZARH. Suffice it to say that Dr. Patel was neither about positive statistics for his practice nor financial gain. He was more about being meticulous with our medical history, paying attention to detail, providing alternative approaches while also being sincere, realistic and direct. He accomplished this by simultaneously also being compassionate, accommodating and professional coupled with a genuine interest in active listening during discussions. Outstanding personal attention was shown every step of the way by everyone. Our baby boy was born in January 2012, and it has been truly a blessing! Words cannot describe our deepest gratitude towards Dr. Patel and entire staff at AZARH for exceeding our expectations!"
      Mary & Frank

      "We had the best experience with Dr. Patel and his entire team. Dr. Patel is a wonderful doctor and a wonderful person. The level of service and support that the whole office gives is amazing. Every single time we were there and every single person we interacted with was kind, knowledgeable, and professional. Dr. Patel and his team make a very stressful situation much better. Special thanks to the nurses and office staff for answering all of my million questions and never making me feel bad about calling in and asking! I would definitely recommend Dr. Patel to anyone who is struggling with infertility. Our daughter is almost 1 year old now and we are having the time of our lives!"
      Carla & Gabe

      "My husband and I we are thrilled to learn we are pregnant for the second time. We had Diego two years ago & now Dr Patel did it again!!. Our words will never be enough to express our gratefulness to Dr. Patel and all his staff who always gave us excellent service during our both experiences."

      "Struggling to conceive for over 3 years-seeing various doctors and experiencing a miscarriage; we were at the end of our rope and feeling hopeless. AZARH diagnosed my hydrosalpinx and successfully removed it before we started IVF. After my first round of IVF I am 8 weeks pregnant and enjoying every moment of morning sickness thanks to Dr. Patel and his fabulous staff! Dr. Patel is very honest and gives all the facts to you but the final decision lies with you when it comes to treatment. He is caring and sensitive to your struggle while maintaining professionalism and his ethics are above reproach. Dr. Patel or someone on his staff is always accessible during treatment for any questions or concerns you might have and they return phone calls promptly. The staff is friendly and makes you feel as comfortable as possible in this sometimes awkward process. In particular; I want to thank Doreen for going out of her way to help me settle a billing issue with an outside vendor related to my surgery-she did not have to help me and was wonderful to do so. My husband and I are extremely happy with AZARH and highly recommend them!"

      "Dr. Patel and his entire staff are absolutely top notch. From our first visit, he made us feel incredible comfortable and made sure we understood every process. His bed side manner is genuine, sincere and just above anything we had expected. Thank you Dr. Patel, for giving us the wonderful hope of having our own little bundle of joy."
      Name withheld for privacy

      "My husband and I welcomed our first child in 2007 however I was diagnosed less than two years later with premature ovarian failure. Our journey to have a second child began in September 2009 and ended with a failed IVF cycle at another local clinic. After being told by the other clinic that our odds were set at "just below 1%” of ever having another biological child, a friend recommended that I seek a second opinion from Dr. Patel at AZARH. It was the best decision we have ever made! Dr. Patel and his staff answered all of our questions and took as much time as we needed to digest the information in order to make the best decision for our family. The doctors and staff held our hands throughout the entire emotional process and were available at all times and hours. Due to the exceptional care we received at AZARH over the last few years, my husband and I were blessed with twins in late 2010 and our fourth child is due in 2012. We owe our sincerest gratitude to Dr. Patel and the entire team at AZARH. Thank you for making what we thought would be an impossible dream come true!"

      "Today I am 16 weeks pregnant with twins! My husband and I could not be happier about this amazing outcome to our IVF procedure at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health. I will soon become a mother for the first time at 41. My husband and I were married when I was 39. We weren’t sure that children could be part of our lives. Today, we are anxiously anticipating two– far more blessing than we could ever have imagined. This was not our first IVF cycle, but it was our first cycle at Arizona Associates. A previous cycle was not successful, but more than that our care at the other practice felt disorganized and impersonal. We chose Dr. Patel because his statistics were solid, the practice was near our home, and we felt an immediate rapport with him and others in the office during our initial visits. We could tell immediately that things would be different here, and they were. In fact, five weeks into my pregnancy I remember being a little nervous to "graduate” back to my ob/gyn for obstetrical care. I felt so safe and well-cared for by Dr. Patel, Doreen and the staff at Arizona Associates. Their care was consistent, well planned and focused; we always knew the next step and were clear on the goal of any treatment. They answered all of our questions, whenever we had them. I often received calls directly from Dr. Patel, to assure that I was doing well and that my husband and I didn’t have any questions following a visit. Doreen was with me throughout my treatment. She kept track of every detail of my care, was there for nearly every appointment and procedure, and answered my many emails promptly and patiently. Costs of treatment were clearly communicated and well-estimated. I felt like every person we encountered at this practice – even business and reception staff-- had a personal interest in us achieving this pregnancy. I have spent my entire career working in the healthcare industry. I think as a result, I have the highest possible expectations in the rare case when I have been the patient. I am thrilled to write this letter in support of others who are seeking infertility treatment. We were impressed with every aspect of our care in this practice, and would be very pleased to recommend it to others. Sending our best for your journey, and wishing you much succes."

      "I would like to thank Dr. Patel and his staff for a great experience through the IVF process. After 5 heartbreaks and numerous surgeries, my husband and I didn't think we would ever be able to have more children. Dr. Patel was honest with our options, while giving us hope that our dreams of another child could come true. I am pleased to say that I am now 9 weeks pregnant and need to thank Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health for this success. The staff was always eager to answer my questions, keep appointments on time, and listen as my emotions went up and down. Dr. Patel always has a positive outlook and made me feel like my "exceptions" were just bumps in the road that we could overcome. When we saw a heartbeat, little legs, and little arms on the ultrasound screen, I knew it was all worth it. Dr. Patel realized our struggle with his excitement as he called in his nurse to see the picture while giving me a hug. He truly cares for his patients. Thank you Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health for making our dreams a reality!"

      "My husband and I had struggled for about 3 years with "unexplained infertility". After several unsuccessful attempts at IUI we moved on to IVF. We were lucky and got pregnant after our first transfer with identical twins. Our twins developed TTTS at 16 weeks and we lost them. After recovering emotionally and physically, we decided to try IVF again. We were again successful after our first transfer and 37 1/2 weeks later I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. We can not thank Dr. Patel and his staff enough for their kindness, dedication and willingness to go the extra mile to help us start our family. Dr. Patel was always caring, patient and straightforward with us. We never had to question what was going to happen next. Cori and Doreen are amazing and were always very helpful, especially with all the questions we had. We would like to highly recommend Dr. Patel and the staff AZARH to any couple who struggles with infertitly. Thank you AZARH!!"

      "Very caring and patient. Takes the time to answer all questions and makes the process individualized. Made a dream of four difficult years come true!"
      Name withheld for privacy

      "Dr. Patel and his staff are amoung the very best I have ever experienced. He is extremely patient and knowledgable. Highly recommend AZARH. "

      "Dr. Patel & his entire staff are knowledgable, honest, and sincere. They do all that they can to reduce the stress that comes along with infertility. I knew through our entire journey that either way it ended I would never question Dr. Patel or his ability. He always had our best interest at heart. I'm happy to say it ended "positive". :) "

      "Over the past year and a half Dr. Patel was always honest and always had our best interest at heart. He's a doctor that actually picks up the phone to call his ptatients when needed and does anything possible to reduce the stress infertility can cause. His staff is top notch in the way they handle their business - everyone from the front desk, to the nurse, to the lab techs & finance treats you with sincerity and respect. No matter our outcome we were confident that we would not look back and doubt any part of our process. Dr. Patel and everyone at AZARH IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."
      Name withheld for privacy

      "Dr. Patel and his staff have been angels! From the first visit all the staff is very friendly and always on time. Dr. Patel gave me each ultrasound and it took 4 months to get pregnant, but each visit I was able to get questions answered fully. There is always a Dr. on call and his partner in the practice is wonderful as well. Overall, I could not have asked for better treatment with successful results! "

      "I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone at AZARH. Dr. Patel and all of his staff were wonderful. They answered all of our questions about the whole process honestly. All of the staff at AZARH was very knowledgeable and helpful, whether I was calling with a question about my treatment protocol or a billing question or just to ask if the symptoms that I was experiencing were normal. No one ever made me feel like my questions were silly. I can’t thank everyone at AZARH enough. I just delivered beautiful, healthy, boy/girl twins and we couldn’t be happier. I would definitely recommend AZARH to anyone that wants to have a family and is having a hard time conceiving. Thank you to Dr. Patel and all of the staff at AZARH. You will forever have a special place in our hearts."

      "We spent a great deal of time researching fertility doctors and ultimately met with three specialists. Dr. Patel was clearly the most qualified, caring individual we met with. He spent considerable time meeting with us and addressing our questions and outlining our options. While he was very conservative in his approach and setting of our expectations, we felt he was realistic. At 49, we knew we were on the cusp of his comfort zone but we achieved a successful pregnancy on our first IVF attempt and just gave birth to our wonderful and healthy son. We couldn't have been more pleased with Dr. Patel and his staff. We must also compliment Doreen who was terrific at leading us through the egg donor process and did an amazing job coordinating all the details. We highly recommend Dr. Patel and his staff."
      Karen & Kevin

      "After working with another IVF specialist for over a year, a good friend recommended we get a second opinion from Dr. Patel at AZARH. We immediately preferred Dr. Patel's style and methods with regards to infertility. He wasted no time and got us on the right track. Under his care and direction, we felt extremely at ease and looked forward to what the future held for us. Our second attempt at IUI was a success and we have Dr. Patel and the team at AZARH to thank. We appreciate everything they did for us! It has been a long journey, but with the help of Dr. Patel our dreams of having a baby have finally become our reality. Thank you for the time and genuine care you and the team extended to us. We will miss working with you, but so thankful for the gift you have provided us. We look forward to welcoming our baby in 2013!"
      Erin and David

      "Thank you Dr Patel for your kindness and compassion you gave to our family during the last 2 years. You were the only one who told me the truth, and even though it was hard to hear, it helped heal my heart, so we could move forward. Your staff is absolutely amazing, and we always felt like we were treated like family every time we were in your office. I will always recommend your office to anyone dealing with infertility, because there is no better physician or staff trained to help women deal with this devastating condition. You will always have our respect and admiration for your willingness to never give up on our dreams of having a family! We love you all, and keep you in our hearts every time we look at our beautiful son! Thank you just isn't enough, but please know you truly all made a difference in our lives!"
      Sincerely, Stacy, Dan and Jackson

      I don't write many reviews, but I want to share the experiences that my husband and I have had here because I feel from the bottom of my heart that AZARH deserves to be recognized for its outstanding quality of care.
      In all of our experiences at this clinic, we have never felt like a number. We are always greeted with smiles and kindness and supported with empathy and encouragement.
      Our care is personalized and closely followed, and I love that it is so easy to communicate with the clinical staff if I have any questions or concerns. They are responsive and timely and I can't express enough how much we have appreciated that throughout our IVF journey, which by nature is such an anxiety-provoking process.
      Dr. Patel has been flexible, patient and solution-minded during our IVF cycles. He has been open-minded and reasonable, providing realistic expectations, clinical expertise, and informed recommendations but also remaining receptive to our concerns and respectful of and supportive of our wishes. We appreciate the honest, straightforward delivery of information and that time is always made available to address any questions or concerns.
      Special shout out to Doreen, Gabby, Chelsea, Kaytlinn, Misty and Ariel, all of whom have preserved my sanity at various points throughout this process by reassuring us, educating us, celebrating our victories and supporting our heartache with so much kindness and sensitivity.
      This clinic has HEART. We know that unequivocally, there is an entire team standing beside us and fighting to help us achieve our dreams of having a little family of our own someday.

      - Jennifer

      Before 2017 my husband and I tried for almost 3 years with multiple failed IUI’s until we were recommended to AZARH. We couldn’t have been happier with our journey and 2 successful cycles of IVF. Doctors and staff were beyond amazing, friendly, professional, and was there every step of the way. We are beyond blessed to have our 2 healthy boys that we longed waited for. Thank you so much Dr. Johnson and Dr. Patel for helping us get there. We highly recommend anyone searching for the right doctor to help you with this precious gifts.

      - Keri

      Dr. Patel and his entire staff are truly miracle workers. After years of trying for a successful pregnancy we decided on IVF. Every step of the way they all were very communicative and respectful. We had one viable embryo and I'm beyond happy to say our son was born two weeks ago. I can't thank Dr. Patel and staff enough! We will forever be grateful for them and their hard work. I highly recommended Dr. Patel. Thank you so much

      - Rhonda

      We saw Dr. Patel for the first time in July of 2020. Today (June 16th, 2021) we got to see our baby's heartbeat for the first time. We've had a long, hard, emotional road and Dr. Patel is the third fertility specialist that we've seen. Dr. Patel and his team (Chelsea, Gabbi, and Doreen) have been there with us every step of the way. He immediately listened to our story, ordered the correct diagnostic tests, explained our options, and helped us develop a plan. Dr. Patel explained the roadblocks we were facing, and listened to what we truly wanted. He always took time to answer any question or concern that we had. We wanted to try IUI before IVF although our chances were slim with IUI. Dr. Patel was patient and understood our need to try the less invasive solution first. Dr. Patel is literally the most honest, straightforward, compassionate doctor I've ever seen. His team works around the clock. When you send them a message they respond so quickly and truly are empathetic to what we the patients are going through. Dr. Patel's nurse Chelsea has literally laughed and cried with me through every up and down. Dr. Patel and his staff are incredible at what they do and always treated us with respect, care, and compassion. Even Dr. Patel's office staff was patient, incredible, and helpful when it came to scheduling, payments, and coordinating with our very difficult insurance provider. The whole team made such an impact on our lives and we are so lucky to have found them. We can't wait to send baby pictures in 7 months. Thank you AZARH for all that you've done for us and our growing little family. We truly will never be able to express the joy and gratitude that we feel.

      - Preston and Rachel

      We had a wonderful experience seeing Dr. Patel and all of his staff at AZARH! This was the second clinic that we had been to and the difference between the two was night and day. We were lucky enough to have some fertility benefits through insurance and the staff was amazing at making sure claims were sent in and we were able to use our benefits for all of our treatments (which does not happen at every clinic). We had one round of IVF with an FET that was successful and resulted in our beautiful little girl, Kinsley, who is now 5 weeks old! Every person on staff was amazing, so helpful, and understanding, especially as we all navigated an IVF cycle through the beginning of COVID and all the restrictions put in place in early 2020. Dr. Patel was always very knowledgeable and gave us the information to help us make the best treatment decisions for our family. I look forward to working with Dr. Patel and his team for any FETs we may have in the future! I highly recommend AZARH!

      - Ashley

      Dr. Patel & his staff are absolutely amazing. We were out of state patients which can certainly be an added stress to IVF however, AZRH ensured we received the same quality of care. All of all questions were answered & calls/emails were always returned in a timely manner. Their prices are also quite reasonable compared to other clinics. My family & I are forever grateful for this office and their assistance in completing our family. We welcomed our precious boy/girl twins in May of 2020!

      - Shareese

      Fantastic staff! Really calm your nerves and keep you laughing. They are very efficient and accommodating. I highly recommend Dr. Patel and his staff.

      - Briell

       Second round of IVF! We had a beautiful baby girl!! Thank you, Dr. Patel! You are the best!!

      - Jennifer

      Dr Patel and his team are organized and top of the industry in professionalism and attention to detail. Best traits - He is top of the industry in his knowledge and wisdom (came from heading Mayo endocrinology prior to starting his practice 20+ years ago). He will not sugarcoat/is very straightforward. HUGE bonus is your embryos stay in-house with his top-tier embryology team looking after them. We are now pregnant with a little girl! 45 years young with my own eggs! He prepared us for the journey and was very kind with talking us through our lows. Let's be real, IVF is NOT for the easily discouraged. It's heart-wrenching, physically, financially, and mentally draining. Dr. Patel, your office and your faith gave us the strength to stay focused. Thank you we will forever be grateful for the gift you made happen. 

      - The Advantage Group

      I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Patel and his team! We saw him in October of 2019 after only a few months of actively trying for a baby. My cycles were extremely long and all over the place. We weren’t able to accurately track them on our own. After multiple tests and bloodwork over the course of a few months, we came to the conclusion it was unexplained infertility. He did not pressure us into any kind of a procedure and encouraged us to keep trying on our own until we hit the year mark. We were still not pregnant by June of 2020 and decided to move forward with an IUI. The first round was a success and we welcomed our sweet boy in March 2021! We are so thankful for Dr. Patel and his team at AZARH.

      - Emily

      Dr. Patel has been nothing short of amazing to work with. I most appreciate that HE does all testing and procedures himself rather than tasking his staff to do all the work. He is very elaborate and empathetic, which separates him far from previous endocrinologists that further worsened my anxiety around the nature of this type of care.
      His staff is equally knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. They are thorough and prompt to respond to both admin and clinical questions.
      We have not attained my goal yet, but even if we don’t, I still highly recommend Dr. Patel for making my journey as ‘pleasant’ as it can possibly be.

      - Amanda

      Not only did Dr. Patel help us conceive quickly, but he made the process so smooth and convenient. As convenient as this process can be. :) Their office hours and his willingness to work all 365 days of the year to help create families is a true testament to his devotion to others. I appreciate how upfront he is about the process, cost, and reasoning for particular procedures. The lovely ladies in the office are personable and truly care about the well being of the patients. I highly recommend Dr. Patel and Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health! Thank you guys for helping to make our family complete.

      - Samantha

      Dr. Patel is the best doctor you will ever meet. Thanks to him & the wonderful staff at AZARH, we were able to freeze our embryos after IVF. Our toddler was a frozen embryo and so is the little girl that we are now expecting. Both of our FETs were successful, Dr. Patel has amazing success rates! After 5+ years of infertility, wishing for a baby every day, this is a dream come true thanks to AZARH.

      - Chantal

      What a wonderful and compassionate staff! They are so friendly and thorough. Dr Ketan Patel and Doreen Blair are so patient and helped us through the entire experience and we are happy to say we are pregnant! Thank you and we highly recommend AZARH for all your fertility needs!

      - Ashley

      Thanks to Dr. Patel I just had my baby boy this month. Him and his staff were amazing throughout the whole process. If I had a question I could email the team and they would always respond quick and address my concerns. Dr. Patel is so very thorough and knowledgeable and I knew the whole time I was going through IVF that I was in the best hands. His practice is smaller and I felt like I wasn't just a number which is how you should feel when going through something like fertility treatments.

      - Lauren

      Dr. Patel and his staff are amazing! After struggling to conceive and a miscarriage, we went to him on the recommendation of my Mayo doctor. We are so incredibly lucky to have found him and experienced their amazing care. They work quickly to run through all the tests to determine a fertility plan based on your health, needs and wants. He suggested we start with an IUI instead of IVF. We were somewhat skeptical that it would work, but remarkably 12 days after our first IUI we received our positive pregnancy test, and our son was just born last month! We truly feel it was a miracle to find this amazing doctor and have such great success on our first attempt! We will forever be grateful to Dr. Patel and cannot recommend him more highly and look forward to working with him again when we are ready for baby #2!

      - Ashley

      I’m so thankful for Dr.Patel’s care...he is patient, straightforward and detailed. I appreciate the time each provider gives—it’s an emotional process and feeling comfortable to ask questions is such an important aspect of this journey. My little blessing is on the way and I’m wishing you the world. Ask to see Dr.Patel’s socks and find some humor along the way to get you through. Much love.

      - Lindsay

      Dr. Ketan Patel is extremely knowledgeable. We worked with him throughout our fertility journey and had a variety of procedures done during that time. I appreciated Dr. Patel's honesty and get-to-the-point way of explaining things, even when it wasn't the best news to hear. If you're looking for someone to hold your hand and tell you everything will be ok, this is not the place for you. If you're looking for a physician who is highly skilled clinically and will be honest with you throughout the process - Dr. Patel is it.

      - Franchesca

      We were introduced to Dr. Patel after two years of unsuccessful fertility treatments. While countless other doctors were pessimistic about our chances of getting pregnant, Dr. Patel gave us hope. After our first consultation, we were presented with a well-thought out, new approach to our treatment that had not been presented to us before. We had finally felt that we had a true partner in both Dr. Patel and his entire staff, and soon after we received the life changing news that we were pregnant with our son. We highly recommend to anybody that is struggling to get pregnant to call Dr. Patel immediately. We can’t thank him enough!

      - Natalie

      Upon moving to AZ, we were referred to AZARH for infertility issues. We spent a year prior in GA undergoing fertility treatments but to no avail. Once we had our first consultation with Dr. Patel, we were ecstatic to embark on our first IVF journey. Dr. Patel is very honest and straight forward but is also humorous which we greatly appreciated. Dr. Patel, nurses (Chelsea, Doreen & Gabrielle), and his entire staff were always so welcoming and helpful with whatever I needed. From arranging appointments, having a ton of questions throughout the process, to having to make last minute changes, they were always happily accommodating to our needs. Our first IVF & FET was a success and from start to finish it happened so quickly! We couldn’t be more grateful to Dr. Patel and his wonderful team for helping us start our family! We definitely recommend AZARH if you need a little help with starting/growing your family!

      - Sara

      My husband and I absolutely adore Dr. Patel and his staff. We went to several other fertility doctors in town before finding AZARH and no one else compares. We were blessed with twins last year thanks to him and his amazing staff. I highly recommend them!

      - Alison

      So grateful to the staff and Dr. Patel. I felt like we were always well taken care of. After several tries with IUIs, we were finally successful through IVF and we can't thank them enough. I wouldn't wish this situation on anyone, but if they need help I would highly recommend Dr. Patel!

      - Kara

      My experience with this office has been phenomenal. The back office staff makes you feel welcome and comfortable. The clinical staff is so understanding and they explained the procedures and outline of my course in just a way that it wasn't scary or overwhelming.
      I definitely recommend this office to anyone I know.

      - Mercedes

      I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Patel and his staff. After ttc for 3 years, I got pregnant via IVF after the first transfer. Dr. Patel and his staff made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process and explained everything so well and were always available for questions any time of day. Thank you so much Dr. Patel!

      - Alicia

      Dr Patel and his staff are AMAZING!!! We can not say it enough how amazing his office is. We are so grateful to them for helping us start our family.

      - Jamie & Brandon

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