Getting Started with Fertility Drugs and Fertility Treatment

Fertility medications are an appealing first choice of treatment for many, due to their reasonable cost and relatively few risks and side effects. At AZARH, our patients have had great successes with fertility drug treatments.

If fertility medications are a part of your customized treatment plan, our expert fertility doctors and staff will guide you on the proper storage and dosage of all of your fertility medications, personalizing your care to best help your body prepare for, and maintain, a healthy pregnancy.

Fertility Drugs for Ovulation

Women who experience ovulation disorders, often find great results with fertility medication. Women with ovulation problems may ovulate (release an egg) infrequently or may not ovulate at all (anovulation). Many of these women respond very well to a fertility drug treatment called ovulation induction. This treatment uses medications to stimulate the development of one or more ovarian follicles (where the eggs are housed). This encourages the release of one or more eggs per monthly ovulation cycle, increasing the chances of pregnancy. If Dr. Ketan Patel at AZARH determines that this method could benefit you, he will speak with you in during your initial consultation, explain every detail and be at your side every step of the way.

Fertility Drugs for Men

There are fertility drugs available for men can help to correct hormonal imbalances and improve sperm health, increasing a man’s fertility potential. Success rates for male fertility drugs are much lower than they are for women, so our Arizona fertility specialists less commonly prescribe fertility drugs for men. To learn if fertility drugs can help you achieve your dream of parenthood, we invite you to speak with one of our fertility doctors. We will review your history, pinpoint the cause of your infertility and talk you through all of your options.

AZARH provides comprehensive testing and fertility treatments for men and women at our Scottsdale and Gilbert clinics. To find out more about if fertility medications can benefit you, we encourage you to make an appointment at one of our Arizona fertility clinics or call 480-946-9900.