Thanks to our IVF success rates, expertise, and experience, it’s not uncommon for patients to come from around the country — even around the world to become a patient at AZARH. Whether you’re coming for a consultation, an IVF cycle, or another procedure, it’s our pleasure to accommodate long-distance patients and make the trip as convenient as possible.


It all begins with an initial consultation and exam. When you first contact us, we will schedule that appointment for you and begin gathering the information we need, such as your medical history. During your visit, we’ll perform blood tests and a physical exam. Before you leave, you will have an idea of our preliminary diagnosis and infertility treatment.

While we prefer to have this initial consultation in our office accompanied by an exam, we do understand that it’s not always possible for out-of-town patients to visit our offices for this. For that reason, we are also available by phone at 480-946-9900 for the initial consultation.


If you decide to move forward, we will coordinate your treatment to require as few visits as possible. While some early testing and ultrasound monitoring can be done at another physician’s office in your area — and the results sent on to us — there will be a point where the female partner will need to come and stay here for the duration of the infertility treatment.

For example, in the case of an IVF cycle, this extended visit may be as short as six days or as long as two to three weeks. The male partner will need to be here by the day before the egg retrieval so that fresh sperm will be available to inseminate the eggs. After embryo transfer, we prefer that the female partner spend a few days on modified bed rest and — while not required — remain in the area for another 2 days.

Accommodations for Your Visit

While we cannot schedule travel for our patients, we can easily recommend comfortable and affordable hotels that are a short and easy trip to and from our offices.  Some even offer a preferred rate to our patients. We recommend taking it easy during your visit, so we encourage you to focus on relaxing activities. However, we can also suggest a number of local attractions to help you pass the time.