At AZARH, our goal is to give you the very best care—physically, emotionally, and financially. We recognize that going through fertility treatments is uncharted territory for many of our patients, so we are careful to ensure that you have experts you can speak to for expert advice in every area, from physicians to psychologists to financial counselors.

Your Financial Ally

After your Arizona fertility doctor has talked you through your treatment plan, you will meet with one of our financial counselors about the associated costs. The AZARH financial counselors have tremendous expertise in the finances of fertility. They will help you to maximize any current covered benefit you have and advise you on any other plans that you may have access to. They can help you work with your own insurance, telling you the right questions to ask, and will also call your health insurance provider on your behalf.

Your Dream Is Within Reach

AZARH counselors can advise you on resources that can help you achieve your dream of parenthood, from Multi-Cycle plans and discount programs that reduce your overall financial responsibility to financing plans that help to make those overall costs more affordable.

Our counselors are available to you at any time through your journey to help relieve some of the financial stresses and make your experience as simple and cost-effective as possible.