“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” ~Anne Frank

The practice of keeping a journal or diary is an ancient tradition dating back several centuries. In fact, throughout history, presidents and other famous figures have done so. Did you know that journaling could actually have a positive impact on your emotional and physical well-being?

Scientific evidence supports this notion that keeping a journal benefits you in meaningful ways—reducing stress, understanding yourself better, solving problems more effectively, and tracking improvement over time, just to name a few.

If you’re struggling with infertility, you’ll likely feel as if you’re on an emotional roller-coaster, which is understandable. In this instance, keeping a journal will help you work through these feelings, and provide mental clarity without outside judgment.

Still not sure whether journaling is for you? Here’s how it will give you the boost that you need.

Express emotions without fear of judgment

Though you may have wonderful friends and family, you may be afraid of their judgment when it comes to discussing your fertility problems. Through journaling, whether on paper or on the computer, you can pour out all of your emotions without worrying what others will think.

Record symptoms, cycles, bodily changes, goals, and personal growth

By keeping track of this information, you’ll start to see patterns in how certain factors like sleep, food, and exercise routines affect you. With this in mind, you’ll literally have a personal guide to living a healthy life.

Reduce stress

Evidence suggests that reducing stress has the potential to boost fertility. Writing down all your painful emotions decreases the intensity of those feelings, and allows you to calm down, therefore, it’s very therapeutic.

Document your history

 No matter how rocky your fertility journey may be, it’s still a chapter in your life story. By documenting it in a journal, you will have one place to look back on it later, and not only will you have a clear picture of what happened every step of the way, but you’ll also truly appreciate your strength and determination despite the odds.

How do I begin journaling?

Wondering how to get started with journaling? All you need to do is set aside some time in your schedule each day to grab a notebook and pen, or sit down at your computer for about 10-30 minutes and write without stopping. Don’t over-think it or worry about grammar and spelling. Just write until you’re satisfied that you’ve gotten out all of your thoughts and emotions. Remember—don’t share your journal with anyone! It’s just for you!


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