After 4 years of infertility we went to Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health for a second opinion. The fertility specialists offered a customized and personalized treatment as well as emotional support from the nurses and staff.

The team at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health individualized a plan that worked to conceive a baby and using a gestational carrier was the right path.
The fertility specialists made the process easy by educating us about the fertility process and what to expect throughout treatments.

They also educated the gestational carrier that allowed us all to be prepared when she did get pregnant. At Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health we were given realistic expectations on fertility care, fertility treatments, and the gestational carrier process. Additionally, communication on the process financially and emotionally was laid out clearly and now we have a beautiful 2 year old boy.

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Using a gestational carrier can be a wonderful option for making your dreams of a baby finally come true. We are honored to take this journey with you and will help you with every step, from thoroughly explaining the process to you, to helping you through donor selection and beyond.