IVF Treatment and IVF Costs

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) remains one of the most effective and popular options for treating infertility. AZARH is proud to serve fertility patients in and around the greater Scottsdale and Phoenix area, as well as patients from around the world, offering state-of-the-art infertility treatment for men and women.

Let’s consider the cost of IVF treatment and your options for payment.


The fertility specialists at AZARH are dedicated to fulfilling the hopes and dreams of patients to build their families.  At AZARH, we understand the financial concerns and economic pressures that can come with fertility treatment.  To reduce our patients’ financial concerns we proudly offer a highly competitive, affordable IVF price, while continuing to provide expert fertility care at our Scottsdale and Giblert Infertility centers.

Our new price for IVF includes a freeze-all cycle and a free frozen embryo transfer for only $5,500!

Our team of Arizona fertility experts are here every step of the way!  Our goal is to provide a simple and affordable path to treatment, with no hidden costs.  We will provide a one-on-one financial consultation to review your insurance benefits and your financial options. Click here to request an appointment at our Scottsdale or Gilbert fertility clinics to get started on your fertility journey and fulfill your dream of a family.

Factors Determining the Cost of IVF Treatment

Some of the general factors that determine the cost of In Vitro Fertilization treatment include the following:

  • The geographic location of the fertility practice (Other areas of the country offer IVF at a much higher rate than Arizona)
  • The experience and credentials of the fertility specialists (AZARH has board certified physicians and a PhD trained onsite Lab Director)
  • The complexity of the patient’s case

At AZARH, we are proud to not only offer affordable IVF prices, but also exceptional care from a team of highly experienced Arizona  fertility specialists. We welcome you to read more on the quality of treatment AZARH patients receive by reading recent patient testimonials and reviews.

At AZARH, doctors make every effort to provide you with a full and complete estimate of your cost of treatment that is easy to understand with no hidden costs. Our affordable IVF program alleviates some of the guesswork on paying for IVF.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of IVF Treatment?

In general, IVF is not considered a medically necessary procedure. Since IVF is elective, there is typically no insurance coverage available for it. Insurance policies can vary to some degree, so it’s important that you check with your insurance provider directly to see if you qualify for some insurance coverage for IVF treatment.  Before starting IVF, the expert AZARH financial counseling team, will contact your insurance company to verify your benefits and will meet with you to review the details.  We will make every effort to help you maximize any insurance coverage you do have.

Monthly Financing for IVF Treatment

The cost of IVF treatment can put a major strain on some households and individuals which is why at AZARH in addition to affordable IVF, we have partnered with finance companies. This offers patients payment options with monthly installments. These IVF financing plans function much like a traditional loan or credit card, with monthly payments made and a reasonable interest rate applied to the amount owed.

Multi-Cycle IVF and Refund Packages

AZARH is the only provider in Arizona to offer the Attain IVF Multi-Cycle Plans.  These packages allow our patients the option of purchasing multiple IVF cycles at a discounted, package price, allowing patients to potentially save a significant amount of money.  In some cases, patients will qualify for refund programs that include as much as a full 100% refund if they are not successful.  Our financial counseling team will review these programs with you as part of your personalized financial consultation.

Weighing Your IVF Treatment and Financing Options

Undergoing infertility treatment of any kind is a major commitment and decision, which is why we always make sure to answer all questions and address all concerns fully during the consultation process. This means discussing all of your treatment options as well as explaining the payment plans available so that you can be comfortable and confident with any decisions that are made.

Learn More About the Costs of IVF Treatment

For more information about IVF and how it can help you start the family that you have always wanted, be sure to contact or call  480-946-9900 our team of Arizona fertility specialists today. The AZARH team will work with you and help you make the best fertility treatment decisions.

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We are here every step of the way! Request an appointment at our Scottsdale or Gilbert fertility clinics to get started on your fertility journey and fulfill your dream of family.