Male infertility is a common problem for couples. In fact, about one in three couples who come to our Arizona fertility clinics has male factor infertility issues.

Causes of Male Infertility

The reasons for deficient sperm production can be hidden and can be a primary problem with the following:

  1. Problem with testes
  2. Secondary hormonal problems
  3. Low testosterone

The most common problem to male factor infertility is a problem related with the testes. The testes itself can be deficient in terms of producing hormones as well as sperm. Additionally, some cases of the testes are anatomical issues in men such as obstructions in the vas deferens or damaged tubules.

Secondary hormonal problems in men will also affect fertility such as thyroid deficiencies and pituitary gland issues.
Another common problem for male factor infertility is men with low testosterone.

Low testosterone can be caused by the following:

  • Increased fatigue
  • Low libido
  • Erectile dysfunction

In some cases low testosterone can indicate issues with sperm production.

Other indications of male factor infertility are genetic disorders such as cystic fibrosis.

Can Male Infertility Be Treated?

Yes, most infertility evaluations will be treated with the male first through a semen analysis. After the semen analysis test is performed the best treatment can be diagnosed and treated easily.

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The truth is that 30% of infertility is related to male factor problems. So while it’s critical to evaluate and correct any issues within the woman’s reproductive system, it’s equally important to address any issues within the man’s. In fact, a fertility specialist generally evaluates the man first.