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      When To Get A Fertility Test?

      When To Get A Fertility Test?

      At Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health, individuals of all genders and sexual orientations can find a comprehensive range of fertility treatments to assist them in starting or growing their family. However, the first stage of many types of reproductive treatment is fertility testing. Fertility testing evaluates reproductive health to determine the most appropriate fertility treatment plan.

      F.A.S.T. fertility testing is a simple online process that allows people to order their own fertility testing at our practice serving Scottsdale, AZ, Gilbert, AZ, and surrounding areas.

      But many of our patients wonder when to get a fertility test. Here, we go over guidelines to consider when determining if it is the right time for fertility testing.

      Fertility Testing After Unsuccessful Pregnancy Attempts

      The most common reason for individuals to undergo fertility testing is that they have been trying to get pregnant naturally and have been unsuccessful. Fertility testing effectively diagnoses fertility issues that may be making it more difficult to conceive. However, a few failed pregnancy attempts doesn’t mean that someone needs to rush to schedule a fertility evaluation.

      As teenagers, most people receive repeated warnings about how important it is to avoid getting pregnant. This often leads people to think they’ll become pregnant the first time they have unprotected sex. While that is certainly a possibility, it is far more common for it to take several months for a couple to successfully conceive, especially if a woman has recently stopped using birth control pills. Most fertility specialists recommend fertility testing if someone has not gotten pregnant after a year of regular intercourse without the use of birth control.

      Fertility Testing and Age

      Age has a direct effect on both male and female fertility, so it needs to be considered when determining the right time for fertility testing. Twelve months without becoming pregnant is the standard timeline for fertility testing among individuals in the prime of their reproductive health. If individuals are older, it is a good idea to start fertility testing sooner. For individuals aged 35-40, we often suggest fertility testing if they have not become pregnant after six months of trying.

      Once a woman reaches her 40s, her ovarian reserve is usually significantly depleted. For this reason, women aged 40 or older should consider scheduling fertility testing at our Scottsdale practice as soon as they decide they are ready to start a family. A thorough evaluation can help determine which fertility services can best assist them in having a child.

      Fertility Testing and Family Planning

      Fertility treatment is not just for people who are struggling to conceive, but also those who want to preserve their fertility so that they can start a family later in life. If someone wants to freeze their eggs or preserve their sperm, they will first undergo fertility testing. For the purposes of family planning, fertility testing can be performed at virtually any age.

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      If you believe that you can benefit from fertility treatment, you should consider F.A.S.T. fertility testing at Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health. To learn what to expect during fertility testing, or to schedule an appointment with our team of specialists, send us a message online or call (480) 860-4792.

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